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Whole Plant Steel Tube Making Equipment
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The machines we use to make steel tube forming machine and forming rollers are precisely ground precision and precise performance.passing struct quality control. 

Steel tube forming machines"->"High-ferquency welding Set"->"Weld theresidue scrape Set"->"Cooling Sink"->"Pipe Sizing machine"->"Computerized Cutting machines"->"Power roler comeyer run-out"

Material rotating frame employed circular plate and rolling
Two way uncoiler
Material rotating frame employed circular plate and rolling blls for smart and easy rotation. 
Coordinating with air-pressed driving it can lossen and tighten steel coils of different weights easily. 

The capacity are as follows.
A. Steel coil I.D:430~520mm 
B. Steel coils O.D:1800mm(Max) 
C. Steel coils width:40mm~300mm 
D. Single side loading weight:2000kg 

High quality is the spirit of an enterprise
Pipe Sizing machine
After the steel pipe is formed and welded with high frequency welding machine, it will be sent into fair machine to fabricate varied shapes of pipe as requested by customers. Fair machine contains four sets of initiative fair wheel mold and six sets of passive fair wheel mold. 

Assisted with the adjustment of adjusting wheel mold (can be independently adjusted at 4 positions) on straight wheel seat, high precision can be achieved.The transmission power is uses the DC motor. Under the control of computer program, the linear velocity can reach 100 M/min.

The accuracy of automatic cutting in length is very high 
Computerized Cutting machines
Computerized cutting machine employs server motor combing with accurate tracking of encoder to delect the designated length of pipe for cutting. The accuracy of automatic cutting in length is very high. The tolerance for cutting into steel pipe in length of 6M is plus/minus1.5 mm. 

A. The cutting mainframe use linear silding rail for high stability. 
B. Using central gear-belt to drive the cutting machine to lower the probability of maifunction. 

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